All teachers and students over six must wear face masks at all times…

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has outlined a series of new rules for children returning to Dubai schools in September. The private school regulator revealed its reopening protocols on Sunday July 5.

Included in this list are new ways of working and learning to help keep everyone safe and curb the spread of coronavirus. All staff, visitors, and students over age 6 will be required to wear masks at all times inside the school and denied entry for non-compliance.

Temperatures of everyone will be checked on arrival and must not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius. Some schools are installing thermal cameras to make the entry process smoother in the morning.

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Entering and exiting the schools will be staggered to avoid congestion. Only one parent or guardian will be permitted to drop off and pick up their children. They can stay in the designated area for a maximum of 10 minutes but cannot enter the school.

Desks must be placed 1.5 metres away from each other and students will not change classrooms between lessons. Instead it’s the teachers who will move around throughout the day, to avoid overcrowding in the hallways.

Sports classes will focus on exercise that doesn’t involve physical interaction, which masks will not need to be worn for. Outdoor spaces are encouraged for education, exercise and breaks. School swimming pools will remain closed until further notice.

There should be a dedicated isolation room in case a pupil begins to show symptoms of Covid-19. Their parent or guardian will be notified immediately and the pupil will not be permitted to return to school unless a negative test result is shown.

For the full list of updates and protocols, refer to the KHDA website.

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