It was painted in just three days…

It was a moment of great celebration for the UAE on July 20 as the Hope Probe set off on its journey to Mars – a first not just for the UAE, but for any Arab or Muslim-majority country.

To help commemorate the historic moment, Dubai Culture celebrated by painting a contemporary mural in Old Dubai at Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.


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The culture authority chose designer, Amna Basheer, and rising Emirati artist, Reem Al Mazroui to design the elements of the mural which was then painted in just three days by local artists from Art Painting Lab.

The design was selected to represent the UAE’s past, present achievements, and future aspirations in one masterpiece.

On the right of the contemporary mural is the Hope Probe and on the left, there is a painting of historical Arab astronomer, Ibn Yunis as he looks towards the red planet – Mars.

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Another stand out of the mural will be the painting of an Emirati girl with long wavy hair floating in zero-gravity space with arms wide open to express freedom.

The whole scientific community will be represented in the form of a silhouette.

Al Fahidi was chosen because of the importance of the district which represents Dubai’s heritage, the nation’s rooted history, and its role in developing a prosperous Dubai. It pieces together perfectly with the mural of the Hope Probe which represents the UAE’s vision of the future.

Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture stated, ‘The launch of Hope Probe… is a source of pride for all of us showing what creative minds and talent of our Emirati brothers and sisters have accomplished over six years of perseverance and hard work. This is a historic moment that we have all looked forward to and will cherish forever.’

She went on to state that she hopes that the mural will inspire future generations of what they can accomplish.

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