Kevin Hart will announce the winners on July 29…

If you have a world-changing dream that you’ve put on the back burner, seize this opportunity for a chance to make it come true.

The Emirates has partnered with actor Kevin Hart in a digital campaign titled ‘Mars Shot’ to make three people’s most crazy dreams become a reality. The aim is to get people to imagine the impossible and to set goals that truly have no limits.


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The collaboration is inspired by the Hope Probe, which is gearing up for its journey to Mars on July 15. It is the first of its kind from an Arab or Muslim-majority country and is an amazing feat for the UAE – a country only 49 years young.

As the mission to Mars draws closer, The Emirates in conjunction with Hart are looking for passionate dreamers who want to make a positive impact on their own lives and communities across the world.

Kevin Hart, who emerged from humble beginnings himself added “Through this campaign, we dare people to dream. We dare them to make their goals in life so big and show them that what they have thought of as impossible, is possible.”

Want a shot at having a dream come true? Here’s how you go about it.

Mars Shot with Kevin Hart

Follow @marsshotuae on Instagram. It’s important you do this before you upload your video.

Record a one-minute video that showcases your inspiring dream, and why you should win the Mars Shot.

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Post your video and use the hashtag #MarsShot before July 19.

A judging panel will shortlist 15 finalists and then it will be a public vote for the top five, which will be announced on July 24. Further panel interviews and evaluations will take place, after which Kevin Hart and an official from The Emirates will announce the three winners on July 29.

The competition is open to all nationalities and age groups across the world.

Good luck to all participants!

For more details on how to enter, including tips on shooting an eye-catching video, visit: