Big news for parents of terrible twos and threenagers…

On Thursday, the National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) together with regional partners, gave nurseries across the UAE, the green light to start the reopening process.

Baby steps

The news, which will likely be a huge relief to parents, educators and children in the UAE, came with tight new regulations to ensure that the return to early learning is a smooth and safe one.

The headlines are that all staff will undergo Covid-19 training; there will be a Health and Safty Officer appointed at each facility; daily temperature and health checks for all children and adults; strict hand-washing regimens for all children (staff must assist for younger children); pandemic measure compliance will be evaluated by HSE (a health and safety agency) visits to each nursery.

Safe spaces

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Social distancing will be enforced with a distance of 3.5m between students indoors and 5m outdoors; learning will be conducted in ‘bubbles’ with kids up to two years old being cared for in maximum units of eight; two to four year old bubbles will contain a maximum of 10 students.

Games, toys and learning equipment must be sterilised regularly and these individual items are not permitted to be shared between bubbles.

Additionally, there is a requirement that all meals for children will have to be provided by parents (no in-nursery catering permitted).

Images: Unsplash