Dubai Municipality has advised that protocols for restaurant tables in Dubai remain unchanged since June 18…

Yesterday, news broke that Dubai Municipality and the Food Safety Department were set to implement strict new social distancing protocols in Dubai restaurants. A set of guidelines was issued to restaurants and hotels in Dubai, which was later labelled as a draft.

Last night, Dubai Municipality took to Instagram and Twitter to clarify that there was, in fact, no update to the original provisions for restaurant reopenings in Dubai.

According to the latest announcement, restaurant operators should continue to follow the guidelines and protocols set out in Circular 45, issued on June 18, 2020.

Here’s a refresher on what Circular 45 contains in regards to restaurants:

“All F&B outlets are permitted to serve buffet subject to application of minimum social distancing guidelines of 2m for queuing and only if served by Waiting Staff (canteen style serving) or Served on Guest Table [No Self-Service Allowed]. This buffet style of serving will not allow sharing or touching of the serving utensils, and drinks to be delivered to the tables. The venue management/operator must ensure no crowding between people at the buffet, and queuing is managed properly.”

Additionally, according to earlier circulars, restaurant tables must be placed at least two metres apart in order to maintain social distancing.

Image: Pixabay