This all-in-one entertainment destination will be like nothing you’ve seen before…

In Dubai, we are fortunate enough to have some incredible venues, restaurants, entertainment and leisure destinations. But what if all of those concepts were wrapped up into one and tied up with a bow? Enter Brass Monkey, one of Dubai’s hottest new dining and entertainment destinations.

The huge new venue, set to open October 1 can be found on Dubai’s Bluewaters Island. Set out over two floors, you’ll find a place to eat, drink and socialise, plus Dubai’s first 12-lane bowling alley, arcade games such as air hockey, pool tables and vintage arcade games such as Pac-Man.

At the venue, you’ll find the gaming and casual dining in one part of the venue. We expect the cuisine to be easy-eating, to go with the games, but we don’t yet know for sure. There will be a fully licensed bar, with an extensive drinks menu.


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On another floor, you’ll find a slightly different offering, which is yet to be revealed. The decor of Brass Monkey looks to be a cool industrial-style concept with lots of metal and neon lighting.

Whilst we don’t have images of the new venue just yet, we will be sure to show you first. So far, teaser Instagram images have been released of the brand’s signature ‘monkey’ super-imposed onto various iconic locations in Dubai, such as the Burj Al Arab and Dubai Eye.

The venue is set to officially open its doors on October 1 and we’ll be sure to share more details on it soon.

Brass Monkey, Bluewaters Island, Dubai, opening October 1. @brassmonkeysocial

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