There are some additions to the list of Covid-19 fines in the UAE, as well as some timely reminders…

Coronavirus cases in the UAE have been increasing lately. In a bid to bring numbers back down, authorities have updated the list of Covid-19 fines in the UAE, reminding citizens and residents that penalties are in place for failing to comply with precautionary measures.

According to Emirates news agency WAM, and as outlined by The National, the full list of updated fines includes:

  • Dhs1,000 for retaking a Covid-19 test within two weeks without a valid reason
  • Dhs2,000 for breaching instructions to preserve health and to prevent the spread of communicable diseases
  • Dhs3,000 for not adhering to social distancing
  • Dhs3,000 for not wearing a face mask in a public place, on public transport, in a vehicle with three or more people or while walking or exercising in busy areas
  • Dhs3,000 for breaching preventive measures while exercising or taking part in sports or recreational activities in public or at hotel pools or beaches
  • Dhs3,000 for not disposing of temporary structures, clothes, luggage or other items that may be contaminated and cannot be disinfected
  • Dhs3,000 for visiting a healthcare facility unnecessarily
  • Dhs3,000 for violating curfew timings (when applicable) by the relevant authorities, except for employees of vital sectors
  • Dhs3,000 for driving with more than three unrelated people (up to second-degree relatives)
  • Dhs5,000 for not wearing a mask at a workplace. The employee will be fined Dh500 and the person in charge will be charged Dh5,000
  • Dhs5,000 for the management of shopping centres, restaurants, pools or similar establishments that allow overcrowding
  • Dhs10,000 for organising public or private gathering. Participants to be fined an additional Dh5,000 each
  • Dhs10,000 for refusing to install or register a smart tracking application, failing to carry the electronic tracking device for home quarantine cases, and for losing or destroying the device. The offender will also bear the cost of damages to the device
  • Dhs30,000 for holding private classes, with an additional Dh20,000 fine for host
  • Dhs50,000 for refusing mandatory hospitalisation, prescribed treatment, monitoring and re-examinations as requested by authorities. Officers may refer public authorities to enforce this decision
  • Dhs50,000 for not adhering to mandated home quarantine or quarantine at a facility as instructed by authorities
  • Dhs50,000 for failure to comply with quarantine instructions in a private quarantine facility
  • Dhs50,000 for educational institutions, cinemas, sports facilities, amusement parks, commercial centres, open air markets, parks, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, or beaches or pools, or their equivalent who do not adhere to Covid-19 prevention measures set by relevant authorities in each emirate. The person in charge will be fined an additional Dh5,000

On Thursday evening, Dr Farida Al Hosani urged anyone who has had close contact with a Covid-19 patient to self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

Dr Al Hosani also pointed out that 88 per cent of recent infections in the UAE were due to gatherings and people failing to follow quarantine protocols.