Expect fun activities such a yoga and jogging…

The ‘Dubai Fitness Challenge’ will run from October 30 to November 28, 2020, and in move that will help make Dubai one of the most active cities in the world, they are introducing new events and activities you can enjoy alongside your four-legged friend.

The new concept was brought forward by Dogventure HQ who will be hosting the range of fitness activities.  It was approved by Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) who stated that they were  very excited to bring dogs into the fitness challenge in 2020.

Expect activities like yoga, jogging and much more that you can do with your furry family member by your side.

Thanks to the initiative, dog owners will be able to get in their 30 minutes of workout without the guilt of shutting the door on their pets. Moreover, the dog-friendly events will also help owners understand how to build a healthy lifestyle for their dogs.

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Here’s what’s confirmed thus far 

Yoga with Dogs

Doga dubai fitness challange

Photo credit: @FursnPaws

‘NamaSitStay’ led by yoga instructor Chelsee Beyga, will integrate moves and showcase doga techniques that will benefit both humans and their pets while strengthening their bond.

And it’s not all pretzel twists and downward dog poses here. Your pet will be able to enjoy a doggy massage and do some gentle stretching which will help them improve their overall well-being. Dogs will also be trained by Dogventure HQ to obey to easy commands such as ‘Sit and stay’ and more.

The best news is that it’s free entry! It will take place at Damac Hills park every Saturday from 5pm.


Jog dubai fitness challange

Jogging has a variety of health benefits in addition to losing weight. It helps improve your heart health and immune system, cope with stress and much more. Now, imagine the benefits with the addition of a sidekick – your furry family member.

Clock in your jogging for 30 minutes a day with your dog at your side and if you are one of the top three joggers who have amounted the most kilometres, you will stand a chance to win a cool prize, courtesy Dogventure HQ.

There are several locations you can jog at namely Damac Hills, The Villa, Town Square, Palm West Beach and Al Qudra Desert – though it would be best to double-check as this list may change closer to the date.

Keep up the fitness regime after DFC

Dogventure HQ is a great platform for all fun-filled activities for dogs and their owners. They do beach and wadi cleanups and for a spot of adventure, there’s kayaking, snorkeling and more.

At their Mountain Dog Training, the certified team educate dog parents and train their dogs for outdoor activities like swimming and they even do obedience training.

Keep up-to-date with these events on @DogventureHQ and dubaifitnesschallenge.com

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