This anniversary-edition High Feast didn’t mess around…

You’d be hard pressed to find bigger burger fans that Sarah and Miles from What’s On, but even we have to admit we were pretty apprehensive about testing out the seven-course High Feast at High Joint burgers.

It’s no secret that the low-key burger bar in Al Manara is slinging some of Dubai’s best patties – but just how does that translate to a full-blown degustation?

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Here’s a bite-by-bite account of what went down…

Led by owner Dr Hamad and Chef Patrick, the High Joint crew is always cooking up something new. But for their two-year anniversary, they wanted to go LARGE, with the seven-course High Joint menu served for two weeks only at the Al Manara eatery.

First up, was the pre-game prep. We both skipped lunch ahead of our 3pm booking (and also ditched dinner that night), so were properly hungry by the time we sat down for the first course. high joint feast appetisers

Caesar salad: It’s a smart move easing us into seven courses with a salad. Not that this is any ordinary Caesar… Along with the classic cos leaves and grated parmesan are the standout additions of potato-bun croutons, nubs of salty-sweet miso-caramel bacon, and Chef Patrick’s lip-smacking Caesar dressing, packing some umami swagger thanks to anchovies and Worcestershire sauce. All hail, this mighty Caesar. Sarah

Chicken wing with gooner sauce: This chicken lollipop arrives to the counter fresh from its fiery deep-fat crucible, still steaming as the gooner sauce is ladled on top. The condiment was a special creation for visiting vloggers of Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV). And whilst, as a Chelsea fan, I’m reluctant to admit it, this sauce scores big flavour goals. Somewhere between a sriracha and buffalo effect, it’s Henry flat-out sprinting from his own box, it’s Bergkamp’s 2002 flick against Newcastle 2020, it’s the perfect holding player for this crispy nug-on-a-stick. Boom, back of the net. Miles

Loaded fries: Skeptical. That’s my first response when Dr H tells us he’s going to pour melted Stilton over the chilli con carne fries. And yet, there’s some weird kitchen alchemy at work here, because the combination of crunchy fries, smoky braised meat, sweet, nutty blue cheese, coriander and fresh lime (yes really) is one of the most satisfying things I’ve put in my mouth this year. I want to eat it by the bucketload, wearing sweatpants, on the couch. Sarah

high joint feast burgers

Steakhouse burger: One of the things that makes High Joint’s traditional style of burgers so special is their sublime simplicity. That golden ratio of slim smashed pattie to potato bun, the light salad garnish, the delicate balance of High Sauce and cheese. So this 180g aged-rib filling, layered on a brioche bun with vintage British cheddar, constitutes a significant tinkering to the algebra. It’s a big old boi, and what they’ve achieved with it is something that is potentially ‘worth the price tag of the meal on its own’. Cooked medium-rare (that’s up to you), then split down the middle and seared to caramelise the buttery juices of the brioche, each bite is a rowdy block party in your mouth hole. The hench aged-beef umami connects spiritually with the tang of cheddar and subtle honeyed glow of brioche. This right here, is burger aristocracy. Miles

Truffle burger: While the steakhouse burger packs some serious girth, at first glance this truffle number appears to be more demure. The aged rib patty is significantly smaller, and it’s served on a potato bun the size of my lady palm. But, once Chef Patrick tops it with provolone, truffle-braised portobellos and a blanket of freshly shaved truffle, there’s nothing understated about this pocket rocket. Deep flavours, dripping wet. Naughty but oh so nice. Sarah

high joint feast burger and cake

Californian-German: By now we’re past ‘the wall’ and experiencing whatever the burger-eating equivalent of the runner’s high is. Dr H informs us that the inspiration for this burger came from the perfumed, beef-vending stalls of Europe’s winter markets. It’s prepared with, and served under, a nest of grilled onion, coated in American-style yellow mustard and delivers a taste experience that’s straight outta one of those old-fashioned Californian diners. It’s a heritage burger, a salute to the golden age, and I am on McBoard with that. Miles

Molten chocolate cake with candied bacon: For dessert, Chef Nilofer Jamal of @bake_bug makes an appearance. Dr H’s brief had been to create a molten chocolate cake, but make it High Joint. Chef Nilo responded with a no-holds-barred combination of warm chocolate-coconut cake, hot chocolate sauce, honeycomb crumble, vanilla ice cream, and a dusting of caramelised beef bacon crumbs. And she hit it out of the park. Sarah

High Joint’s seven-course menu has come to a close, but stay tuned on details of an exciting new venture, with more burger brilliance and calorific tasting menus coming right up.

High Joint, Al Manara, Sun to Thu noon to midnight, Fri to Sat noon to 2am. (04) 2681586.