Calling all movie-buffs…

After several long months without the release of major new movies in cinemas, they are finally being screened in theatres and we hope to see a lot more exciting releases in the coming weeks. Check out this list for movies we can’t wait to catch this October and November.

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Here are new movies you can see in UAE cinemas this weekend. 


Vanguard is an internationally-renowned and privately-owned venture high-tech security agency founded by Tang Huanting. Their client, Qin Guoli, alerted the US intelligence agencies of his boss, Massym, as the leader of an aggressive military group in the Middle East. Maasym is assassinated by the US government and his son, Omar, orders to have Qin captured. Expect to see some of Dubai’s iconic destinations in the film including Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. The Dubai Police make an appearance, too.

Starring: Jackie Chan, Miya Muqi, Yang Yang
Genre: Action (PG13)
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Combat Wombat

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Maggie Diggins, a wombat turned Wonder Woman, unintentionally becomes the city’s superhero after she begrudgingly saves a rookie superhero sugar glider from certain doom.

Starring: Deborah Mailman, Ed Oxenbould, Frank Woodley
Genre: Animation (G)
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Bayala: A Magical Adventure

The fairy world of Bayala is a magical country where fairies have been living in harmony with nature for centuries. However, one day, peace is put at risk when the evil fairy queen steals the precious dragon eggs from the place the kingdom’s magic lies. All of Bayala is in danger, but hope arises when a dragon egg is found.

Starring: Madison Mullahey, Jessica Webb, Olivia Manning
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family (G)
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