How many people can say they’ve done that?

In the mood for a scare this Halloween? Well, how does coming (almost) face-to-face with over 1,000 piranhas sound? A brand new experience has launched at The Green Planet and it will test all your nerve.

It’s named ‘Snorkel with the Piranhas’, and you’ll do just that. Don’t worry though, you’ll be a good 1.5 metre distance from the notoriously hungry water-dwellers. During the experience, you’ll get to watch the ‘piranha feeding frenzy.’

The Green Planet partnered with Al Boom Diving Centre for the experience. You’ll get suited up in a wet suit, then see the ‘meat kitchen’ and learn all about the creatures you’re about to encounter from the bio-dome’s expert biologist.

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Before entering the water, you’ll learn about the different species of piranha and help to feed them vegetables. When you do take the plunge, you’ll witness, up close, the 1,000-strong school of piranhas eat full chickens and turkeys.

The experience is priced at Dhs330 if you book online and is available to any confident swimmers aged 6 and over. Don’t worry – contrary to popular belief and a scary film or two – piranhas don’t actually eat people – they’re known as scavengers.

Not quite ready for all of that? Visit The Green Planet throughout October, which is transformed into a Haunted Rainforest with all of your favorite Halloween decorations, including spider webs, animal skeletons, RIP extinct animal tombstones and pumpkins.

There will also be spooky arts and crafts. To see nocturnal residents come alive at night, visit The Green Planet After Dark, which runs every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm. You’ll see geckos, sloths and Slow Loris’.

The Green Planet, City Walk, Dubai, open 10am to 6pm daily, closed Sunday. Tel: (04) 317 3999.

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