Sugargram is now dishing out melt in your mouth cookies

We can’t wait to sink our teeth in…

Are you a fan of Sugargram’s delicious bite-sized cupcakes? We have great mouth-watering news as the gifting concept is making its way into the cookie kingdom.

Sugargram is well-known across the city for its itty-bitty cupcakes, but they will now also serve up warm cookies, fresh out of the oven.


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At the moment, there are five lip-smacking flavours available: Choco-chip cooki B that includes gooey, oozy pockets of molten chocolate (Sugargram uses chocolate chunks rather than chips to increase the ratio of chocolate to cookie dough), funfetty wap which is a colourful treat for the eyes as well as your belly, brownye west which is a mix of a warm cookie and a rich chocolate brownie, RiRi velvet which is a delicious red velvet cookie and finally, Twopacs double chocolate – a double chocolate cookie that will satisfy the sweetest of cravings. 

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The five delicious flavours will be served up in a tiered classic Sugargram pink box making it perfect to gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary… or they can be enjoyed all by yourself.

As usual (and in true Sugargram style), two celebratory sleeves have been introduced. There’s a classic birthday sleeve, but since Halloween is coming up, the team has released a spooky ‘bone appetite’ sleeve, too. More sleeves will be introduced in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Sold! How do I order?

sugargram cookies

The cookies are available on Deliveroo and ChatFood and Sugargram ensure all cookies arrive warm and gooey, almost as if they have just come out the oven. Yum!

Delivery is done within three hours depending on your location and are priced at Dhs115 for a box of eight cookies.

Sugargram, available on Deliveroo and ChatFood on Instagram, Dhs115 for eight cookies, @sugargram_me

Images: Sugargram