There’s also a skate park, a horse stable, an ice rink, a petting zoo, a dog park, and fishing lakes…

Malibu Bay is the newest project to open in residential community Damac Hills, a development by Damac Properties. The 72,000 square foot area includes a man-made beach with its own wave pool, imported from Belgium, giving residents a spot right on their doorstep to relax, soak up the sun and listen to sound of waves.

The 24,700 square feet pool is the size of 1.5 professional hockey rinks, and has a gated area in the centre of the pool with a ball which plunges up and down to create waves. The California-inspired area has green landscape and palm trees surrounding the wave pool as well as graffiti artwork and surfboards integrated into the design.

“While the UAE has several artificial islands, I haven’t seen anything like the wave pool in Malibu Bay. It’s definitely unique and one of a kind. From a creative standpoint, you really feel like you are in California’s Malibu Bay,” Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of DAMAC, said.

Elsewhere in the community, residents can enjoy a skate park, a horse stable, an ice rink, a petting zoo, a dog park, as well as several lakes where residents can actually fish. There’s also multi-purpose sporting facilities, including a football field, badminton court, cricket ground, basketball courts, tennis courts and an MHS Tennis Academy.

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“There has been a lot of exciting chatter from residents about the beach and the opening is really a milestone for DAMAC Hills, which continues to offer its residents unique attractions,” continued McCoughlin.

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