It’s back with a new name and new platform…

Emirates Loto made history when it became the first approved lottery in the UAE back in April. Then in July came the news that the Emirates Loto draws were on pause until the end of this year.

Today, organiser Ewings announced that Emirates Loto was coming back this week, with a new name and new platform. Now called Mahzooz, which means ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’ in Arabic, the weekly draw will be kicking off again this Saturday November 21 at 9pm.

In announcing the relaunch today, Ewings said, “The new and exciting Mahzooz is a digitally advanced and secure platform that gives individuals the opportunity to make their dreams come true from a new structure of incredible prizes. Participants can enter the draw through the (Mahzooz) website or via Mahzooz app on iOS and Android which will be available soon.”

What can you win when Emirates Loto returns?

Mahzooz entrants go into the running to win a share in Dhs50 million – which was the highest jackpot offered during the first run of Emirates Loto.

“Winners who are lucky enough to match six numbers will be able to claim a share of a minimum Dh50 million grand prize. Winners who match five numbers will be able to claim a share of the second tier Dh1 million prize, which might increase depending on how many players there are. Four numbers will earn a cash prize of Dh1,000, and those who match three numbers will receive Dh35.”

To date, no one has scooped the major jackpot, however, 47,500 entrants have shared in a total Dh14,670,500 from previous draws. Entry into the Mahzooz draw remains priced at Dhs35.

For more information on the Mahzooz approved lottery draw in the UAE, and to watch the live draw on Saturday, visit