Home-cooked meals, from the home of Mama Rita…

New kid on the delivery block, is Mama Rita, a homegrown concept created by mother-daughter duo, Rita and Jessica Kahawaty. The brand launched only a few months ago, yet has already opened its second ‘dark kitchen’, serving a range of dishes to your door.

The menu focuses on comfort food, combining tastes of Europe and the Middle East, borrowing ingredients from both regions. Mama Rita’s philosophy is that everyone should come home to a warm balanced meal.

Favouring cosy nights in over fancy nights out now and then these days, we spent a Thursday night at home testing out a few of Mama Rita’s bestsellers. To start we went for Grandma’s meat pastries, small and light shortcrust parcels are filled with flavourful mincemeat.

A moreish pink hummus also arrived, made with beetroot and served with crunchy carrot and cucumber sticks. It’s a large portion, which is lucky as we can’t help reaching back for more throughout the meal.

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For mains we were intrigued to try the Russian-inspired beef stroganoff, and weren’t disappointed. Fluffy rice was served separately to avoid any soggy-ness, and the beef was nicely seasoned with plenty of creamy sauce.

We also chose the homemade shawarma platter – a sort of DIY shawarma kit, which involved building your wrap from lots of little packages. The process was a lot considering one of the reasons that we order food is because of the minimal effort it requires.

Continuing with the healthy streak, the dessert comes in form of the fresh fruit paradise, a jar of layered fruit, avocado & mango purée and soaked nuts. The combination is light and refreshing, but we should’ve put it in the fridge as soon as it arrived.

If you’re looking to try something new, or you feel as though the majority of delivery options are unhealthy, give Mama Rita’s homemade selection a try.