Is there any topping the pizza page of the menu..?

Sacci in Westin Abu Dhabi has built up a reputation for serving up some of the most authentic pizza in the capital.

The dough used for each variety of ‘za follows Chef Stefano’s secret recipe and is aged for 48 hours before hitting the oven. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait that long, Chef Stefano prepares it all in advance.

Though, having tasted them, we can confirm they would be worth a two-day wait.

The neat little poolside restaurant often adds further temptation fuel to the wood-fire with attractive deals, like the buy-one-get-one offer they’re currently running between 5pm and 11pm every Monday.

But we wanted to dive a little further into the menu, to see what other slices of the dolce vita Sacci has to offer.

Grace of the warm autumn afternoon, we’re seated outside on the terrace. The checkered red and white table cloth folds into gentle ripples with the breeze and the backdrop of the pool is making this all feel faintly like a Mediterranean holiday. Life is good.

After ordering a burrata starter, Chef Stefano explains that despite the challenges posed by the global health climate, he tries to use as many authentic Italian ingredients as possible.

The confit heirloom tomatoes scream European provenance, deeply-sweet, and just a little sharp they paint summer on the creamy burrata canvas.

Our main course is branzino al cartaccio, a seabass fillet, accompanied by prawns, taggiasca olives, potato and crushed tomato concasse, all baked in a papillote.

It arrives at the table piping hot and still sealed in its paper packaging. Our waiter liberates the aromatic contents with a few deft scissor snips and what we’re faced with, undoubtedly, is Europe on a platter.

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The cooking method and timing has delivered a perfectly executed portuon of white fish. It’s a subtle yet nuanced meaty flavour, complemented by the fresh prawn garnish. The taggiasca olives, though compact, are bursting with big, bold palate profiles from the old country.

We didn’t have space for dessert on this occasion, but should you find yourself in the mood for something sweet to end the meal, there’s plenty to choose from. Gelati and sorbet varieties, cannolo, tiramisu and chocolate fondant too.

Verdict: There’s no debating, even outside it’s role as pizzeria, Sacci pefroms a genuine Italian job.

A –

Sacci, Westin Abu Dhabi,  Sas Al Nakhl. Tel: (02) 616 9999,

Images: What’s On Archive