Team What’s On versus eight Crazy shakes. Here’s what went down at Black Tap…

Half dessert, half drink, a Crazy shake is the perfect (albeit slightly gluttonous) way to end your dining experience at Black Tap. However, with eight varieties available on the menu, narrowing your options down to one can be quite tricky.

What’s On took it upon ourselves to try and rate each of the eight Crazy shakes available on the Black Tap menu to help make your choice a little easier. You’re welcome.

Here’s what we thought about each of the Crazy shakes on the Black Tap menu.

The New Yorker and Cake Shake

Left to right: The New Yorker and the Cake Shake

The New Yorker

As we usually prefer chocolate desserts over fruity combinations, we didn’t think we would like this pink beauty, but it genuinely surprised. The cheesecake on top was perfectly dreamy and went well with the strawberry syrup. Thankfully, it wasn’t overly sweet when paired with sips of the shake. 8/10

The Cake Shake

This delicate and pretty shake is another we added to the surprise list. The simple vanilla shake stood out thanks to its rainbow-coloured sprinkles, and we enjoyed the light texture and flavour of the funfetti cake. 8.5/10

Black Tap Crazy Shake

Left to right: Cookies ‘N’ Cream Supreme and the Cookie Shake

Cookies ‘N Cream Supreme

Two cookie-based shakes can be found on the Black Tap venue, with the favourite split between me and my dining companion. Given the choice between the two, I would pick the Oreo shake over the cookie shake (mentioned below) thanks to the giant and delicious cookie sandwich sitting on top slathered with whipped cream. 8/10

The Cookie Shake

Being a fan of Chips Ahoy more than Oreo, I thought this Crazy shake would win the battle of the cookie war. But, the Cookies ’N’ Cream Crazy shake had the chocolate edge, which made it get a higher score. This shake, however, still merits a 7.5/10

Black Tap Crazy Shake

Left to right: Sweet ‘N’ Salty, Cotton Candy and Brooklyn Blackout

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Sweet ‘N Salty

I am not a fan of peanut butter, but when I actually gave this shake a try it genuinely surprised as it was not overpowered with a salty peanut butter flavour. The most decorated of all the Crazy shakes, there were peanut butter M&M’s, pretzels and peanut butter cups, which I was happy to leave for my dining partner as I was too busy slurping up the actual shake. 7/10

Cotton Candy

This Crazy shake almost belongs out on the catwalk thanks to its layers of cotton candy, lollipops, rock candy, chocolate pearls and whipped cream. It did wonders for the ‘Gram, but was way too sweet for my palate. 7/10

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Brooklyn Blackout

The first Crazy shake I ever had was three years ago and it was the Brooklyn Blackout, so I was looking forward to trying it again. This shake is what chocolate lover’s dreams are made of, prepared with a chocolate frosted rim with mini chocolates, and topped with a brownie, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. Of course, it did not disappoint. 9.5/10

Vegan Black ‘N’ White Cake Shake

Vegan Black 'N White Cake Shake

Had no one told us, we would have never guessed that this shake was made without any dairy. I personally nearly downed half the cake myself and would have gone all the way without feeling the slightest bit guilty. I would 100 per cent recommend it to all my friends – vegan or not. 9/10

Images: Black Tap
Video: What’s On