It’s not too late to have that Santa photo snapped…

With just two days until Christmas, chances are you still have a few things to tick off your list. Along with last-minute gifts and ordering your takeaway turkey for the big day, if you’re still yet to have that all-important Santa photo snapped, there’s still time. The Santa’s grotto at Wafi Mall’s Christmas pop-up is still accepting bookings for today and tomorrow, but get in quick as the slots are filling up quickly.

How to visit Santa’s Grotto at Wafi Mall

This year, with social distancing in place, we have to say the whole process is a lot more streamlined. Rather than just showing up, taking a ticket and then waiting a few hours for your window, you now pre-book your Santa Grotto experience online. The bookings are allotted in three-minute slots.

For Dhs79, you’ll get to meet Santa and have a good old chinwag (he’s fully masked up and wearing gloves and a clear plastic visor to keep things safe). The elves sanitize every surface between photos, and all guests are asked to sanitize their hands before entering the grotto.

The elves take one photo per ticket, which is printed out on the spot for you to keep. You’ll also get a cute stuffed Santa toy as a memento.

You’re also free to explore Wafi Mall’s December to Remember pop-up, filled with polar bears, snowmen and other photo opps. During our visit, we saw elves santizing all surfaces regularly, and social distancing was being enforced.

Play in a giant snow globe at Wafi Mall

For something a little different, you can also book the all-new snow globe experience. For Dhs69, you’ll have your photo snapped in front of a green screen, which is then superimposed into a snow globe background.

While the elves are doing the handiwork on your photo, you get to go and play in a giant snow globe. It’s limited to four people, and you take your shoes off for a five-minute play in the giant snow globe. It’s loads of fun (and another great photo opp), but just know that you will come out covered head to toe in faux snow!

Want all in? You can book both experiences for Dhs130.

To book your Santa photo or snow globe experience, visit: