Up to 120 shooting stars are expected to shoot across the sky…

If you look up to the skies in the UAE tonight, January 3, you’re potentially set to be in for a real treat. The first meteor shower of 2021 is expected to light up the UAE skies, with up to 120 shooting stars to be seen per hour, according to The Dubai Astronomy Group.

The spectacular show is expected to take place during the night of January 3 (tonight) until the dawn of January 4 (tomorrow). You shouldn’t need a telescope to watch the show as the shooting stars can be seen by the naked eye.

The Quarantids meteor shower is, according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), ‘considered to be one of the best annual meteor showers’. If the sky is clear, you’re expected to be able to see between 60 to 120 shooting stars per hour at its peak, which is expected to last a few hours.

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Also according to NASA, Quarantids, which are a January meteor shower, are believed to be caused by debris from an asteroid or possible “rock comet”.

Whether you’re grabbing a blanket and watching from the garden or setting up camp in the desert, it would seem the best time to see the shower is between the hours of 8pm and 12am on January 3, so prepare yourself for a late one.

Want to make the most of it? The Dubai Astronomy Group is inviting you to join them ‘for a family-friendly night under the stars on Jan 3, 2021’. It will take place in Wadi Shawkah, Ras Al Khaimah from 8pm to 12am. It’s priced at Dhs400 for adults and Dhs200 for children.

Due to the window peak being so small to see the Quarantids meteor shower, this astronomy meet up will have a big focus on stargazing.

Will you be watching?

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