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If you liked the incredible splay beamed from Burj Khalifa on December 31, then get ready. A brand new light and laser show is taking over the world’s tallest building. From now until March 31, you can expect five epic displays, show every Tuesday to Saturday at 7.45pm and 9.45pm.

Laser, lights and music perfectly choreograph together to create an experience you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re dining in one of the nearby restaurants, or simply taking a stroll around the lake, this fresh Burj Khalifa show is bound to catch your eye.

The new shows themes are as follows: dreams, geometrics, kaleidoscope, retro futuristic and Chinese New Year (which will run between February 12 and 20).

Enjoy a glimpse of the new shows here:


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Burj Khalifa visitors are promised the same vibrating energy and beauty as that of the Emaar NYE 2021 event which took place on December 31, 2020. The giant building has even been given a glow up with extra lasers added to the sides of the projection area.

The clever video content displayed on the 828-metre structure will have you questioning the capabilities of technology as you’re sucked into the narrative for five minutes.

Global pop star phenomenon Rihanna recently took over Burj Khalifa, to promote the launch of her new skincare line in the UAE. Not only did the impressive show on the Burj Khalifa show some of Rihanna’s newest products in the skincare range, it also featured a clip of Rihanna herself.

She said: “Hello Dubai, I am so honoured to be projected on the Burj Khalifa for the launch of Fenty Skin. Please go check out my Fenty Skin Island at The Dubai Mall Promenade.”

Burj Khalifa Light Show, Downtown Dubai, Tues to Sat, 7.45pm and 9.45pm, free. @burjkhalifa