Your chance to gather under the dome for some Saadiyat salutations…

If 2020 knocked you off balance, you’re a bit fuller in the yin, undernourished of the yang — Louvre Abu Dhabi is offering a day of calming contemplation, and it could just be the remedy we all need right now.

For just Dhs90 you can take part in a ‘Yoga under the dome’ session, and then follow that up with a culturally immersive stroll around one of the finest museums in the world.

The twice-daily, twice-weekly 75 minute yoga sessions take place on Sundays and Tuesdays at 10.15am and 5pm, in a space designed to bring into focus, the interplay of sun, sea and wind — Jean Nouvel’s dome.

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The iconic canopy that sits on top of Louvre Abu Dhabi is an aesthetic masterpiece but its value goes deeper than that. The dome has created a uniquely calming microenvironment, with zen whistling in-between the shadows.

It’s the perfect spot for centring yourself, for unplugging from the hustle, and plugging into the sublime. If you’re up for some downward dog undearneath the dome you can book your spot on the website.

The classes are run by top yoga studio, BodyTree and you can even pair the experience with the ‘Contemplative Vibes’ playlist on anghami.

After (or before) you’ve realigned your chakras, you can check out the Louvre Abu Dhabi gallery and exhibitions (included in the cost of your yoga pass). There’s more than enough in the main halls to keep you fascinated and inspired for multiple visits.

Louvre Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island, Sun and Tues at 10.15am and 5pm (but you’ll need to arrive 15 minutes in advance), Dhs90. Tel: (600) 565566,

Images: Instragram