Visitors will remain caged, while animals roam free around them…

A new experience at Al Ain Zoo is giving visitors a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the king of the jungle. The new experience will see visitors caged up in an open-air truck, while lions roam around in the vast space.

You’ll climb into the back of the truck and it will head to straight to the lion’s den for feeding time. Keep your hands inside the truck, as you offer out pieces of meat with tong, through the gaps in the cage to the hungry lions.

Expect a thrilling experience as the pack of lions climbs all over the car to get in the best position to eat. You’ll have an expert guide and animal handler with you, who can share information about the animals and the best way to feed them.

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The experience is priced at Dhs150 per person, which is unsuitable for children. You’ll be given a strict list of rules to follow throughout the session, which are in place for your safety, as well as that of the animals.

You can try the experience in a group of up to five explorers, every Friday and Saturday morning at 10am.

Al Ain Zoo also recently launched two new mountain biking experiences.

The first is dedicated to mountain bicycles with three unique tracks of varying length: 3km, 7km and 9km. The path is located by the main gate and will allow cyclists to explore the slopes and amazing rugged terrain beneath Hafeet mountain alongside Al Ain Zoo.

The second is dedicated to tricycles. It is set within the premise next to the Education Center allowing visitors to enjoy the nature and biodiversity of Al Ain Zoo.

Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Fridays and Saturdays, 10am onwards, adults only, Dhs150.