Take care out there…

UAE residents have woken up to a white world this morning, as thick fog engulfs Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the country. The National Centre of Meteorology issued a warning to motorists, with visibility severely reduced across much of the UAE.

The UAE weather bureau said: “A chance of fog formation with deterioration of horizontal visibility over most of the coastal areas and some internal areas until 10am.”

Speed limits on major roads in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been reduced, with Abu Dhabi Police limiting speeds on Mohammed bin Rashid and Maktoum bin Rashid roads to 80 km/h.

If you are driving this morning, as well as reducing your speed, be sure to have your lights switched on, and allow extra room between you and the car in front.

Today’s thick fog is the second such occurrence this week. On Sunday, UAE residents took to Instagram to share their spectacular photos of the fog.

Living in the clouds


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A Downtown dreamscape


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The fog formation comes as we shiver through the coldest January in the UAE on record. Temperatures have been recorded as low as -2°C in Raknah, Al Ain.

This morning’s fog has resulted in a chilly start to the day, although temperatures are expected to reach about 26°C along the coast and 27°C inland. The fog is expected to lift around 10am this morning.

Dust storms and a drop in temperatures are predicted for the weekend, with a cool and cloudy day forecast for Friday.

Images: Instagram: @terryzhang / @charlenevdb