But remote schooling will remain an option until the end of the academic year…

Valentine’s Day will signal the return of something that we’re certain many parents in Abu Dhabi will love. Nope, not the hastily purchased gas station flower bouquet, it’s in-classroom schooling for all grades in the capital.

The news came as part of a “preventive protocol specific to the schooling community, including academic and administrative staff and students” signed off by the the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee.

The provisions also leave room for those not wishing to return to school for valid health reasons, with an allowance for remote, e-learning to continue until the academic year.

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eLearning for Abu Dhabi schools extended for three weeks

On January 17 we reported the news that Abu Dhabi schools would be extending the Covid-19 safety measures which required students to continue with an eLearning curriculum.

This return date of February 14 is a marginal extension to the three-week prolongment announced in January, which would have taken the eLearning term up to February 7.

Of course, the remote schooling has all been about, keeping everybody – students, teachers and staff safe, and preventing potential spread of the virus.

Authorities are still urging everybody that is eligible to, to get vaccinated, as it is the fastest and most assured way out of the current global pandemic.

Images: Upsplash