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While 2020 may have been a flat year on the job market, signs are looking up in a number of key industries for 2021. LinkedIn has just revealed the most in-demand jobs in the UAE, with growth in the healthcare, creative and finance industries, among others.

According to Ali Matar, head of LinkedIn MENA and Emerging Markets in Europe and Africa, “the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the way business operate and how people work, but it has also opened up opportunities in a number of sectors as businesses continue to adapt to the pandemic.

“Medical and healthcare roles, digital content freelancers, and finance and general business roles are particularly strong areas of growth, while we are also seeing a rise in e-commerce, digital marketing roles and professional coaching as jobseekers are leveraging their experience and expertise to move into new careers,” says Ali.

Here are the 10 most in-demand job categories in the UAE

Specialised medical professionals

There’s been a whopping 112 per cent growth in new hires in the medical field in the UAE, with nurses, general practitioners, medical doctors and clinical pharmacists in high demand in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Digital content producers

In order to attract more talent to the region, the UAE government launched new work permits for international freelancers last year. That, coupled with the rise in online activity while we were all house-bound, the adoption of digital platforms, and changing consumer habits led to a 200 per cent increase in digital content jobs, with 25 per cent offered remotely. Since the start of the pandemic, there’s also been a 58 per cent rise in hires for news and journalism roles.

Healthcare support staff

In the fight against the pandemic, behind-the-scenes healthcare roles, such as as laboratory assistants, infection control and clinical research, saw a 129 per cent rise in positions.


With many bricks-and-mortar retailers forced to close their shopfronts during lockdown, UAE businesses quickly pivoted to online platforms. This led to a rise in e-commerce roles and online specialists.

Digital marketing specialists

That burst of e-commerce also led to a 71 per cent increase in digital marketing specialist roles, including content strategy, social media management and influencer marketing.

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Business development and sales

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the show must go on. As businesses try to capitalise on new markets and rebuild revenue, there’s been a 74 per cent growth in business development and sales roles in the UAE.

Professional and personal coaches

With jobs slashed in tourism, hospitality and retail, many people in the UAE used 2020 as a time to reinvent themselves. This led to a whopping 207 per cent increase in personal and professional coaches, including life coaches and executive coaches.

Creative professionals

LinkedIn’s data shows that creative roles, including freelance writers, video producers, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers were in high demand in 2020.

Education roles

With the sudden pivot to remote learning, and reduced class sizes, there’s been a 72 per cent increase in education roles in the UAE, including teachers, teaching assistants and curriculum development.

Language services

The language services industry rose by 134 per cent in 2020, with translation, proofreading and legal translation the key roles.

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