The cost of the visa for one year is just over Dhs1,000….

Overseas professionals can now apply for a one-year remote working visa to live in Dubai while remaining employed abroad. Dubai Tourism announced the new visa, which appeals to people who are due to be working virtually from home for the foreseeable future.

The new programme promises that visa holders will have access to all required services, including telecoms, utilities, and schooling options. The initiative encourages applicants to bring their families, and enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer.

With the new change in work culture, Dubai is offering tourists the opportunity to spend the next 12 months working from a warm climate, with the beach on their doorstep, while continuing to work remotely as they would in their home country.

The new visa costs US$287 (Dhs1,054) plus medical insurance with valid UAE coverage and processing fee per person. Applicants will only be approved if they earn a monthly salary of US$5,000 (Dhs18,365) per month, and can prove this with last month’s payslip and three months’ bank statements.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are also welcome to apply, with proof of ownership of company for one year or more, an average monthly income of US$5,000 per month and three preceding months’ bank statements.

You’ll also need six months’ validity on your passport and health insurance with UAE coverage validity. It’s also worth noting that Dubai does not levy income tax on individuals. Dubai Tourism highlighted the safe environment that it can offer, after being awarded the ‘Safe Travels’ stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

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For more information, and to apply for the remote working visa, click here.

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