There’s so much art in this city…

With a new month comes plenty of brand new art events to check out, and culture vultures, there’s plenty to go scope out in the city to keep you busy this March.

Here are 10 awesome art events and exhibitions in Dubai to check out this March.



Where: ICD Brookfield Place
When: Until March 23 2021

This architectural data sculpture installation is conceived by the regional award-winning, new media studio, Ouchhh. Using a series of algorithms, processed data from the pre-pottery neolithic period (9600–7000 cal BC) is represented on four LED panels comprising of three billion pixels. The images are collected from one of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, located in Göbekli Tepe in south-eastern Anatolia. Once illuminated on the monumental obelisk, an ever-changing display is created translating still images into a living sculpture.

Top tip: Visit the installation at night for an even better viewing experience. 

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai. 

Plastic, The Last Hero Of The Great Steppe – The Art Of Saule Suleimenova


Plastic bags on polycarbonate diptych, 150X214 cm, 2016

Where: Andakulova Gallery, Dubai
When: From March 9 to October 9

Artist, Saule Suleimenova is a visual artist who works with edge-of-the-art techniques and media including recycled plastic, cellophane and polycarbonate. In this exhibition, the artist has created art using pieces of colourful plastic bags that are glued with melted silicon glue, on a cover of polycarbonate or plastic bags on polyethene. The artist who grew up in Soviet Kazakhstan in Almaty, the then capital of the country, heavily features decolonisation and in short, tries to reconnect and reconcile traditional Kazakh culture and the aesthetics of revolt through modernist artistic devices.

Andakulova Gallery, Unit 18, P4 Level, Damac Park Towers, Dubai, Tel: (0)4 385 9897.

Deus ex Femina

akka project

Where: Akka Project Dubai
When: From March 10 to April 10 2021 

This exhibition celebrates eight female artists from Africa, working with different mediums and styles as they explore and express the diversity and convey their stories, emphasize their experiences and inspirations behind their works.

While you’re there, catch an exhibit called ‘Focus on Uganda’ featuring artists from Uganda who use recycled oil barrels, acrylic on canvas, and collages to showcase their work. The aim is to explore the infinite possibilities of creating art with a special focus on the Ugandan art scenes.

Akka Project Dubai, Warehouse 8 First Al Khail Street, Al Quoz, Dubai. Tel: (0)56 748 1638. @akkaproject_official

Future Mosaic

Shepard Fairey

Where: Opera Gallery DIFC
When: From March 15 to April 15

American contemporary street artist Shepard Fairey will be showing his very first exhibition at Opera Gallery in Dubai this month. Name sound familiar? The artist is the genius behind the iconic ‘Obey’ Giant artwork. This exhibition, however, will feature his new works on canvas, paper, wood and metal as well as examples of iconic images and repeated motifs from the breadth of his artistic history.

Additionally, when the artist will be in town, he will be creating an exclusive mural at a currently undisclosed location in the heart of Dubai. Once done, it will form one of the many landmarks that dot one of the world’s most visited destinations. Stay tuned to and we will let you know more about this exciting project.

Opera Gallery Dubai, DIFC, Gate Village Building 3, Dubai. Tel: (0)4 323 0909.


Volery Gallery

Andrés Lozano, News of The World, 2021. Acrylic and oil on canvas; 120 x 120 cm

Where: Volery Gallery
When: From March 15 to April 15

This group exhibition presents a selection of all-new, previously unseen, original works by 17 international artists. In science, humans are subspecies of terrestrial animals that live predominantly or entirely on land ergo life in an enclosed space is not one that we are programmed to inhabiting. However, due to the pandemic, we all were forced to move indoors which narrowed the exhibiting artists’ focus onto their imminent surroundings. However, what seemed like limiting circumstances, led towards some great concepts and visuals which this exhibition is hoping to introduce.

Volery Gallery, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai, appointment required to visit,

Line as a Universe: Between the Past and the Future

foundry adil painting

Where: Foundry
When: Until April 17 2021

The exhibit by artist Adil Aubekerov captivates the attention of the audience with a variety of details and complex images reflecting the artist’s interest in the visual culture of the Kazakh nomads, biology, and animalism. In this exhibition, the artist takes an imaginary journey through time, imagining the observation of the birth of several countries and cultures, the change of civilisation, art, and styles, from cave paintings to modern graffiti.

Foundry, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai. open daily, 10am to 10pm, free @foundrydowntown



Where: Kristel Bechara, Gate Avenue, Dubai International Financial Centre
When: Until June 2021

Award-Winning artist, Kristel Bechara has a new gallery in Gate Avenue, DIFC to launch her latest collection: PSYCHOMACHIA. The paintings are inspired by a series of events that took place in the past year and it recalls the poem ‘Psychomachia’ by Latin poet, Prudentius. The plot of the poem revolves around the battle between the virtues of Hope, Sobriety, Chastity and Humility against the vices of Pride, Wrath, Paganism and Avarice. The battle culminates with each virtue prevailing over its opposing vice, with Chastity defeating Lust, Anger surrendering to Patience and Love being victorious over Greed. 

Gate Avenue, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, open Sat to Thur, 9am to 5pm. Tel: (0) 55 8913671.

Abyss of Bliss

oblong art gallery

Where: Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery
When: From March 25 to May 20 2021 

For the first time in the region, three renowned Israeli artists, Yinon Gal-On, Areila Wertheimer and Keren Shpilsher will display their art in the UAE. Yinon, a young 18-year-old Israeli photographer, is set to present 14 of his artworks in the exhibition, ranging from physical to spiritual, realistic to surreal and he seeks to immerse visitors in happiness, an invitation to dive into an Abyss of bliss. Wertheimer will be showcasing three works from her ‘Jaffa Port Surface, 2014’ series that combine layers of printed photography on canvas, painting and a razor that fixes them. Shpilsher is a visual artist who has developed a unique artistic language, which combines comics, modern and historic art, Judaica (Jewish ceremonial art), consumerism, current event and folklore. Her work offers a glimpse into the way she views the world, full of colour and joy.

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery, Bluewaters Island, Dubai. Tel: (0)4 232 2071. @oblongcontemporary

Art Dubai

art dubai

Where: Gate Building at Dubai International Financial Centre
When: From March 29 to April 3

Art Dubai – The most sought after art event comes with a big change this year. Moving from its historical location in Madinat Jumeirah to the iconic Gate Building at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the venue will host around 45 galleries – including San Gimignano’s GALLERIA CONTINUA, TEMPLON from Paris and plenty of the local galleries in Dubai such as Akka Project, Lawrie Shabibi, The Third Line and more. The entire list of art galleries can be found here and you can expect a diverse selection of artworks, artists and practices, that reflects the multicultural identity of the city. Tickets are required to enter the event and it will cost Dhs25 per person for a one-day pass. Under-18s can enter for free.

Art Dubai, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, Dhs25 per day. Tel:(0)4 563 1400. @artdubai

The Journey of Humanity

Where: Leila Heller Gallery, Alserkal Avenue
When: Date to be confirmed.

British artist and philanthropist, Sacha Jafri has created this whopping work of art that scales 17,176.6 square feet which earned him a Guinness World Record for ‘The Largest Art Canvas’. With the pieces now individually framed, the paintings will be auctioned off in what is possibly one of the largest artistic and philanthropic initiative in history. The funds will be raised for charitable initiatives such as Dubai Cares, UNICEF, UNESCO, Global Gift Foundation, as well as the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence and the Ministry of Education in the UAE. The aim is to raise more than 30 million dollars.

Want to view this magnificent work of art? You will be able to view select pieces at one of the largest galleries in the UAE, the Leila Heller Gallery in Alserkal Avenue.

Leila Heller Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, date to be confirmed.

Images: Supplied