The most cost-effective way to guarantee social distancing on your flight…

We can all relate to that secret sigh of relief when you get a row to yourself on the plane, but what if you could guarantee that outcome? Now on Emirates flights, Economy Class customers can secure an empty row to themselves for a fee.

You won’t be able to book the empty seats in advance as these will be subject to availability, depending on how busy the flight is. The empty seats will be offered to all confirmed customers at the check-in desk, upon arrival to the airport.

The price of each empty seat will range from Dhs200 to Dhs600, plus any applicable taxes. Customers can book up to three seats in a row, so whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, or with children, you’ll have more space and privacy to relax on the flight.

According to Emirates, this new seat offering is based on feedback from customers seeking extra privacy and space, especially while travelling in the times of the pandemic. Seats with extra leg-room, twin seats and preferred seats are still available to pre-book.

The airline has also introduced discounts on its excess baggage fees, to help customers travelling home with extra essentials. The discounts vary between 35 per cent up to 60 per cent off normal rates, depending on the sector and customers must pre-book and pre-pay the charge up to four hours before their flight.

To continue its efforts to make the experience of flying more safe, Emirates’ Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is now home to 16 touchless check-in kiosks.

The smart contactless counters offer a smooth check-in process, controlled completely by personal mobile devices. There’s no need to touch any of the screens, you’ll be able to control your details through your own phone.