Every little thing is gonna be alright…

Before Bob Marley passed away back in 1981, leaving this world all the poorer for it. It’s reported that his final words to his son Ziggy were “money can’t buy life”.

It’s more than just a wholesome piece of poetry – it’s wisdom. A mantra for a particular way of life – one focused on love, on appreciating the likkle things, altruism and reaching a higher state through music.

And appropriately, it’s Bob’s face we see here, on the boarded facade of Abu Dhabi’s new Ting Irie — Pon Di Beach. Ting Irie is a homegrown brand that’s already established itself as having a profound love for that Marley kind of life.

Singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true

It’s not open yet, the interior is currently undergoing a thorough Jamaicafication, but when it does, you’ll be able to walk in off the beach at Mamsha Saadiyat.

If you’ve already visited the Dubai location, you’ll have some idea of what to expect, and therefore are entirely forgiven for being more than a little excited. Dubai’s ‘first Jamaican restaurant and lounge’ is all about those good island vibes, soulful reggae music, dancehall bangers and authentic Caribbean cuisine.

It’s a concept from the minds of Sami Khoreibi and Ibrahim Salloum (pictured), and comes pretty close to replicating carnival feels all year round.

This new venture is a skank step closer to its spirit land, being just a few steps away from Saadiyat’s gorgeous Soul Beach. There’ll be no dress code (no pressed shirt, no shoes — no worries) and a terrace space offering island shoreline views, and Arabian Gulf blues.


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This is our message to you

We have no details on the projected opening date yet, but we promise to keep you in the loop with all the updates as and when they come through.

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In the meantime we thought we’d leave you with a few of our favourite tasty teasers from the Dubai venue’s menu, hoping they make it across to the Abu Dhabi spot.

And a bit of Bob.

We’re looking forward to the classic sides of rice ‘n’ peas and roasted plantain; jerk hummus and spitfiyah jerk chicken; saltsfish; butta corn with lime juice; scotch bonnet shrimp; Jamaican patties and warm lobster roll.

If you’re in Dubai and want to give the existing branch a try, it’s found in Souk Al Manzil in Downtown. You can book a table now on Tel: (04) 557 5601, @tingirieuae

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