There’s a new player in town…

If you’re a big fan of burgers, you’ll know that Dubai does them in a big way. From homegrown burger concepts to popular world-famous burger brands, there’s plenty to indulge in if you’ve got that craving. Now though, Australia has come to Dubai, in the form of Oporto.

The Australian burger brand was established back in 1986 and, amongst its other taste-inducing offerings, it prides itself on the classic Bondi Burger, which is cooked exactly the same as it was 35 years ago: with two freshly grilled chicken breast fillets, crisp lettuce, cheese, creamy mayo and Oporto’s Original Chilli sauce.

You can get your fix at the brand new Oporto restaurant which can be found in Dubai Festival City Mall. More restaurants of the same brand are expected to open soon in the UAE, with one planned to open in Abu Dhabi at some point soon.

Oporto_Whole Chicken with Original Chilli Basting

What’s all the fuss about Oporto’s then?

We got the lowdown from an Aussie in the know: “If you’re not familiar with the Aussie burger chain, let us give you the deal. Born in the beachside suburb of Bondi in 1986, Oporto is Australia-famous for its Portuguese-style chicken burgers, slathered in a lip-tingling chilli sauce.”

Really, it’s all about that Oporto chilli sauce, a slick, peri peri-esque combination of chilli, ginger, lemon and garlic loosely bound with oil. It delivers a slow, deeply satisfying burn. Order an extra tub to add as you go. Other items on the menu include hot chips and Portuguese chickens served up half or whole.

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Oporto, Level 1, Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai, 8am to 10pm weekdays, 8am to 12am weekends. @oporto_ae

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