This teeny pizzeria inside Dar Wasl Mall whips up some delicious and unique artisanal pies…

‘Where shall we order pizza from?’ It’s a simple question that most pizza-loving folk ask almost weekly, usually tossing off a half-hearted ‘the usual spot, I guess’. But, the pizzaverse is vast and varied, especially in Dubai, and even its most voracious fans likely haven’t sampled all the palate-pleasing options out there. One new pizzeria worth checking out right now is Moon Slice. Run by Emirati restauranteur Mahmood AlKhamis and super chef Reif Othman, this teeny pizzeria inside Dar Wasl Mall whips up some delicious and unique artisanal pies.

Sure, certain pizza purists will cast a skeptical eye at certain pizza permutations – moon Caesar salad pizza, anyone? – and derisively deem them ‘not pizza,’ but we believe the glorious trinity of cheese, sauce, and carbs deserves to be celebrated in all its forms.

There are nine pizzas to choose from ranging from the more traditional (mushroom; pepperoni; or marinara and mozzarella) to the unique (avo; honey; or marinated chicken breast with red onion and jalepeno). We hedged our bets with one safe option, a standard pepperoni (Dhs75), and one artisanal pizza, the Moon Slice special (Dhs120).

Moon Slice serves thin crust, but it’s not New York style. The ends are puffier and more flavourful, the bottom slightly sturdier, and there’s more cheese than you expect on a pizza so refined in taste. Toppings are ample. There’s plenty of dime-sized mini-pepperoni, which are charred and juicy. The MS pizza, meanwhile, is a truffle triumph, with a blackened dough base, pecorino and truffle paste, truffle foam, a huge splodge of mozzarella and freshly grated truffle to top it all off. It’s a divine masterpiece.


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Should you fancy a couple of appetisers to compliment your carb load, opt for the squid ink arancini balls (Dhs65), which ooze with more melted cheese.

Delivery is available – and definitely worth ordering from – but visiting the pizzeria is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, too. It’s like you’re eating within a casual pizza kitchen that happens to be in the heart of Jumeirah. It all feels very Dubai and very Reif, and that’s a great combination.

Dar Al Wasl Mall, daily from noon to 11pm. Tel: (0)4 239 8363. Reservations essential. @moonslicepizza