The list is updated each month, and in April the UAE advanced to eighth place…

Each month, Bloomberg releases its Covid Resilience Ranking; a list of the 53 largest economies, scored by their performance against the ongoing pandemic. It measures their ‘success at containing the virus with the least amount of social and economic disruption’.

The results for April are out, and this month the UAE has advanced three places, taking the eighth spot globally. It’s the top position of the Arab world, scoring 69.7 points on the general index.

Taking the top spot, and knocking reigning New Zealand from the position, was Singapore, commended for rolling out vaccines at one of the fastest rates. The UAE has vaccinated 47.4 per cent of its people according to the list, coming in only behind Israel who has vaccinated 57.4 per cent.

Also in the top 10 best countries to be in during the pandemic era are Australia (3rd), Taiwan (5th), South Korea (6th), Japan (7th), Finland (9th) and Hong Kong (10th). Saudi Arabia, the next best Arab country in the list, is positioned at 16th place. The US and the UK follow close behind in 17th and 18th place, respectively.

Bloomberg expressed concerns over economies such as France and Chile, where the population can easily access vaccines, but mutations of the virus are increasing the outbreak. In poorer countries like India, not enough vaccines are readily available to curb the spread of the virus, driving global infection levels to new records.

How is the list measured?

Bloomberg says: ‘The Covid Resilience Ranking uses a wide range of data to capture where the pandemic is being handled most effectively, with the least social and economic disruption—from mortality and testing rates to vaccine access and freedom of movement. It scores economies of more than $200 billion each month on 10 core metrics.’

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