There are five approved areas in which you can ride e-scooters…

Electronic scooters, or e-scooters, have recently become a hugely popular mode of transport for residents in Dubai. E-scooters are a speedy, cost effective method of travel, and residents have the choice of owning one or hiring from the many bases.

However, there are several rules that come with riding e-scooters around Dubai. The authorities have outlined areas in which it is permitted to ride them, and no-go areas where its not safe to. Dubai Municipality has banned e-scooters from public parks, for safety reasons.

In a Tweet on April 29, Dubai Municipality said: “For everyone’s safety at public parks, #DubaiMunicipality announces that it is not allowed to use electric scooters in public parks to avoid accidents. Please follow Dubai Municipality’s instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone.”

RTA has previously shared additional rules for the use of e-scooters in Dubai. This includes adhering to the instructions, regulations, indicative and warning signs on the tracks. Riders must also be at least 14 years or above to use the e-scooters, and wear a protective helmet in case of falling.

You can only ride on the designated tracks, which have been set out within the five designated trial areas: Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Internet City, 2nd of December Street, Al Rigga and JLT. Make sure you leave sufficient space between yourself and other riders, cyclists and pedestrians.