These scanners are an Abu Dhabi innovation…

Conceived, designed and created right here in the UAE by EDE Research Institute Abu Dhabi under the International Holding Company (IHC), EDE scanners have been reported to be up to 93.5 per cent effective in identifying people infected with Covid-19.

The figure of 93.5 per cent is based on a sample set of 20,000 scanned individuals. The tech was also shown to be 83 per cent accurate in identifying non-infected individuals.

How do the EDE scanners work?

From videos released by The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, it appears that at least some of the scanning technology can be utilised through iPhone cameras, although it’s unclear whether this involves hardware and software adaptations.

EDE scanners reportedly measure discrepancies in electromagnetic waves between healthy cells and those infected with the RNA (genetic material) of the Covid-19 virus. The results are instantaneous.

This genuinely is a huge leap forward in diagnostic tech, with huge potential for application beyond this particular pandemic.

Where are these scanners being deployed?

His Excellency Dr Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, Undersecretary at Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, said: “Abu Dhabi has adopted an integrated strategy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, based on increased testing to ensure safe entry into the emirate, vaccination and the continued implementation of precautionary measures.”

Scanners are currently in place and being used at the Ghantout entry point; selected locations on Yas Island; entry/exit points in the Musaffah area; and certain malls (including Yas Mall as seen below).

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Scanners are an additional screening mechanism and safety net, they are not intended to replace the drive for full vaccination and periodical PCR testing.

Images: Abu Dhabi Media Office