An Abu Dhabi-based photographer stumbled across these islands within an island…

Moving on from Abu Dhabi’s curiously shaped lakes and creeks, our geographical feature of choice this week is ‘the island’.

The capital’s cup runneth over with sea-locked land spits, the emirate is literally composed of hundreds of them — but some of these islands are just that little bit more special.

The shot below was caught by Abdul Rahman bin Salem Alshamsi, also known by his Instagram handle, @ar_bus3eed.

Abdul is a locally-based photographer and drone enthusiast and took this snap, whilst spending some time exploring Jubail Island with a falcon’s eye view.


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Here we can see a network of islands within the area of Jubail Island. The desert dimples have been likened to cupcakes with their little mangrove trees providing the cherry on top.

They’re located close to the construction site of a new eco friendly residential complex that’s being built on the island. Which is itself not far from Plant Lake and Green Tree Creek.

Abdul explained that he had edited out some pipes that were part of the nearby development to give the overall composition a cleaner ‘pre-construction’ look.

If you’d like to go and explore the location yourself “you’ll need to use a boat or drone” @ar_bus3eed said, “like I did”. He’s also very kindly given us the precise coordinates, which can be found here.

If you’ve captured any cool landmarks or natural phenomenon that you think deserves some air time, please drop us a DM on Instagram with the post.

Images: @ar_bus3eed