Meat-free patties of the Caribbean…

Beef patties, the Jamaican version of the empanada or Cornish pasty (what’s up Bodmin?), are an important element of Caribbean cuisine.

The spicy savory meat-puffed parcels are a meal in themselves, but they’re frequently scoffed as a midafternoon (or mid-morning, or midnight) snack. A cheeky little splash of Scotch bonnet sauce drizzled on top, and you’ve got yourself a formidable mouthful.

We tried West to West Kitchen’s version of the dish when we visited last year and can confirm, although it featured a little flex that was entirely their own, the pattie dynasty is safe in their hands.

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As part of their commitment to providing tasty plant-based alternatives, they’ve recently added Beyond Meat patties to their meat-free menu. These dainty pastries are packing all that same heat, just with zero meat.

They’re available now for just Dhs30 (for two) when you get them direct from the shop, or Dhs40 through delivery aggregators.

These brand new vegan bangers join a growing collection of vegan-friendly dishes on the menu such as awojoh binch (a Sierra Leonean bean casserole); Trini’s doubles (curried chickpeas on a soft flat bread); plantains; vegetable groundnut stew; dhalpuri roti ( a Trinidadian version of the classic Indian streetfood dish); and more.

West to West also celebrates meat-free Mondays, often featuring limited edition vegan dishes like the spectacular plantain curry.

Al Bzaymi St, Najda, Sat and Mon to Thu midday to 9pm, Fri 3pm to 9pm, closed Sunday. Tel: (02) 671 9119, @westtowestkitchen

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