And Now for something completely different…

Earlier in the week we reported on the news that TikTok megastar Taylor Pierce has been spotted in Abu Dhabi.

Today we’re having a look at what global pop sensation, Now United have been up to whilst spending an extended holiday in our particular pretty city.


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The group is made up of 18 members, from 18 different countries around the world, formed in 2017 by ex-Spice Girls manager and creator of American Idol, Simon Fuller. And they’ve really hit the track running since arriving here.


In the post above we can see that they’re already familiar with our world class museum-gallery, Louvre Abu Dhabi. This is important because…

They’re actually performing a show there today, live streaming on their YouTube channel at 10pm.


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They made some time for hitting up the emirate’s beaches obviously.

And we here at What’s On were lucky enough to soak up some of their beautifully positive energy.

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We’ve no idea exactly how long they’re hanging around for, but we hope it’s for a long time, as well as a good time. What’s On wishes Now United all the best for tonight’s performance, we’re certain their fans will Louvre it.

Images: Now United Via Instagram