The move comes after the UAE has seen a decrease in daily Covid-19 cases…

During the pandemic, the United Arab Emirates has done what it can to ensure the safety of its citizens, residents and tourists. For those using public transportation in Dubai, this included a number of stringent rules and regulations that had to be followed.

However, now that the UAE has seen a decrease in the number of daily Covid-19 cases, a few rules have now been relaxed.

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Here’s an update to the public transportation rules.   

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro public transportation rules

At the start of the pandemic, RTA fixed nearly 170,000 stickers in various public transportation services and their stations to ensure that the highest level of safety was met.  

Over the weekend, these social distancing stickers on the platform and the ‘Please don’t sit’ stickers on the seats in the Dubai Metro were removed.

This means that while you are still urged to keep a distance from other passengers, all the seats on the Dubai Metro can now be occupied. You must wear your masks at all times during your journey and in the Dubai Metro stations.

RTA Buses

Similar to the Dubai Metro, stickers on-board all RTA buses in Dubai were removed including the ‘do not sit’ stickers on the seats.

Face masks must remain on at all times during your journey.

RTA Taxis

Dubai Metro public transportation rules

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Face masks are no longer required at specific places in the UAE

Previously, regular taxis were limited to just two passengers plus the driver. The front seat next to the driver couldn’t be occupied and passengers had to be seated behind the driver. Now, however, capacity limits have been increased.

Regular taxis can carry a maximum of three passengers (where one can sit in the front seat) and the driver. Travelling with a child? If they are under the age of 14 they will be allowed in the taxi.

Family van taxis can carry four passengers plus the driver. This applies to all rides, except all journeys to Abu Dhabi.

If you are travelling to the capital, a maximum of two passengers are allowed plus the driver.

Before planning your journey, it’s best to double-check that these rules have not changed. We will keep you updated if they do.

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