Featuring more than 100 culinary destinations…

There is no debate around Abu Dhabi’s place at the table of world cuisine big hitters, still… It’s nice to be recognised every once in a while.

In collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), preeminent global exploration and adventure outfit, Lonely Planet has just announced the launch of ‘the first-ever UAE-based Lonely Planet guide covering Abu Dhabi’s F&B scene’.

The guide shines the spotlight of insight on more than 100 culinary destinations — including Abu Dhabi’s favourite fine-dining spots, underrated hidden gems, new ‘must visit’ arrivals on the capital’s cuisine scene, street food fixes and where to track down the best examples of well executed Emirati dishes. It also features the culinary expertise of What’s On regular Liz Totton.

The guide is available to download now, its absolutely free and you can find your copy on the abudhabiculinary.ae/about-culinary-season/ website.

This guide is of course being appropriately launched during the 2021 edition of Abu Dhabi Culinary season. This, what is the capital’s favourite flavour fiesta, has a cleverly curated collection of gastronomic indulgences available all the way up to December 9, 2021 — for more information on what and where you can sink your teeth in, check out our guide to the event.

It’s also arrived just a few months before Abu Dhabi hosts the inaugural Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony — celebrating regional cuisine excellence.

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The event (also in collaboration with DCT) will debut with a week of foodie festivities between February 4 and 11 2022.

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