As part of a streamlined new process…

Residents of Abu Dhabi can now submit applications for new residents’ parking permits, renew expired permits (or nearly expired ones) and edit existing permits in a much-simplified process via the Darb app. Free to download from Apple and Google Play stores.

Not life-changing news, but we can pretty much guarantee this is going to save a considerable quantity of man-hours. It’s the latest effort by the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) arm of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) to streamline the admin side of public car ownership and operation in the emirate, as well as consolidating transport services into one website and app.

Easy wins

One of the other main advantages is that, thanks to cross-department data retrieval, you won’t have to upload a bunch of documents to the app to apply for permits. Traditionally you’d have to hunt down documents like your Tawtheeq tenancy contract, Emirates ID, and vehicle registration, to set up the parking permissions. No more.

If you dont’t have any pending fines, after applying and paying the processing fee – your permit will be issued immediately.

Discount for Mawaqif fines

You can also now pay your Mawaqif fines through the “Darb” platform. A 25 per cent discount is applied to the fine if it is paid within 30 days of the penalty’s issuance.

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