The new rules came into effect on Saturday, January 22…

In coordination with the General Authority for Civil Aviation, the UAE’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) has announced a full ban on the use of all drones across the UAE.

The order came into effect as of Saturday, January 22, and anybody caught breaking the rules will face steep financial penalties (with a fine of up to Dhs50,000) and possible jail time.

In a statement issued by the MOI, the reason for the ban is “the misuse spotted recently, not limiting the practice of these sports to the areas identified in the user permits and trespassing into areas where these types of activities are prohibited.”

What about those using drones for work

The MOI has also communicated that exemptions for work contracts or commercial filming projects may be granted, but companies must follow a strict process for obtaining these exemptions.

The first step is to contact the permit-issuing authorities.

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This ban now replaces the tightening of regulations communicated last week, including a reminder from the MOI that all drones need to be registered via the My Drone app.

The app also provides information on a list of no-fly zones including residential areas and airports or performing any activities that breach the privacy of others. The latest rule update however, which bans the use of all private drones (without exemptions issued by the authorities after January 22, 2022) supersedes all other drone regulations in the UAE.

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