The free permit is required for anyone without a driver’s license…

Zipping around the city on an e-scooter is an increasingly popular mode of transport in Dubai. But to ensure safety, earlier this month authorities announced that e-scooter riders would be required to have either a full driving license (from the UAE or international) or apply for a free e-scooter permit and pass an online test.

And from Thursday April 28 you will be able to apply for the e-scooter permit in Dubai via a dedicated platform launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The free permit is a requirement for all residents and tourists wishing to use e-scooters across Dubai, however there are some exceptions. If you have a driving license, you don’t need to apply for the permit. If you’re not planning to use your e-scooter on the designated streets, and will stick only to sidewalks or cycling paths, you also won’t have to apply for the permit.

E-scooters are available for hire in several destinations across the city, with 10 Dubai districts already made scooter-friendly for getting around and seeing the sights. The use of e-scooters is restricted to those aged 16 and over in all areas.

How to apply for the e-scooter permit

From Thursday April 28, you’ll be able to go straight to the RTA platform for e-scooter permits.

To receive the free permit, you’ll have to complete an online training course, which covers lessons on the technical specifications and standards of scooters, as well as general safety guidelines. It also shows which areas scooters are permitted to be used in, and deals with the definition of traffic signs related scooters.

Fines for rule breakers

Anyone that uses an e-scooter without obtaining a permit (and without a driver’s license) is committing a traffic violation, which can be punishable by law with a fine of Dhs200.