The airline has added 25 mobile check-in ports at Terminal 3…

If you’re jetting out of Dubai International Airport (DXB) for spring break or the upcoming Eid long weekend, there’s a new way to check-in at Terminal 3 that’s set to make the Emirates experience even more seamless.

The Dubai-based airline has introduced 25 mobile check-in ports at DXB, which can be found throughout the check-in halls at Terminal 3. Each of the ports is manned by an agent who can help check customers in and go through all the pre-departure processes prior to heading to security. At the mobile check-in ports, customers can weigh their bags, have them tagged and also be issued with their boarding pass. Once tagged, porters will place luggage on a dedicated belt destined for each passengers’ aircraft, meaning you won’t even have to lift a finger before heading on your way to passport control.

Passengers with two or less bags checking in at Economy, Business and First Class will be encouraged to use the service, which will help cut down on queues and reduce waiting times during peak hours.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer, said: “The use of advanced technologies and robots will continue to be introduced in our operational and customer touch points. We are committed to continually uplift our services and provide our customers a seamless experience and better journeys. Our latest Check-in Portals are a step in this direction and we are also working on other initiatives that rely on technology and artificial intelligence, to be introduced in the near future at different areas.

Emirates’ commitment to making the pre-departure airport experiences as advanced and stress-free as possible has already seen the airline add technology-driven services including self-check-in and bag drop kiosks at DXB.