What brie-lliant news…

When it comes to sophisticated food experiences, you can always ‘comté’ on the French to keep it classy. And one of our favourite new restaurants in Yas Bay, the gorgeous Niceoise bistro — Paradiso, has just launched a new Sunday to Thursday cheese and grape night, with the option of an ‘unlimited’ upgrade. Challenge accepted.

Taking place between 5pm and 7pm nightly between Sundays and thursdays every week, there are two ways you can enjoy the fromage fest at this ‘grate’ little Pier 7 venue. The basic package gets you a cheese board with three glasses of grape and it’ll cost you just Dhs150. Ooh-la-la.

If that’s not ‘gouda-nough’ for you, you can select the two-hour unlimited cheese and grape package for Dhs275.

On the board, you’ll find a connoisseur’s collection of fine aged cheeses, and in the glass – grape varieties from France’s Côte du Roussillon and Planeta Sicilia from Italy.

Paradiso is the latest Abu Dhabi project from Groupe Barrière, a restaurant built on the culinary vision of three Michellin Star awarded talent, Chef Pierre Gagnaire (Fouquet’s) and French-cuisine queen Chef Nicole Rubi (the woman behind Nice’s La Petite Maison).

And it makes quite the first impression, inspired as it is by the wonder and whimsy of the golden age of cinema (the restaurant’s name, presumably a nod to the 1980s Italian masterpiece, Cinema Paradiso which is itself an ode to moving pictures). It also draws heavily on the glamour of the côte d’azur in the 70s, it’s Nice both in adjective and address.

If you’d like to explore the menu a little more deeply, you should check out our full review for recommendations.

Pier 7, Yas Bay Waterfront, open daily midday to 11pm. @paradisoabudhabi

Images: Provided