Here’s what to expect…

Last month, the first cast for the debut series of The Real Housewives of Dubai was revealed by Bravo, along with a June 1 release date. And with two weeks to go before it comes out, the trailer for the upcoming reality TV series has dropped.

In the trailer, we’re introduced to all six housewives: Reality TV star and podcast host Caroline Stanbury; influencer Nina Ali; entrepreneur Sara Al Madani; fashion designer Lesa Milan; real estate director and salon owner Caroline Brooks; and top model and beauty brand owner Chanel Ayan.

A first glimpse at the serious indicates it’s going to be all about the glamour, with the ladies spotted poolside at Address Sky View, partying on yachts, and retreating to the luxuries of private island resort, Zaya Nurai Island.

You’ll recognise some of Dubai’s big hitting locations in the trailer too: dazzling shots of Dubai Frame, Burj Khalifa, The View at The Palm and the ladies lunching in a private Ain Dubai pod all feature.

What can we expect the first series to cover?

It’s expected that former Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury’s December wedding to ex-footballer Sergio Carrallo will take centre stage in the series. Sneak peeks in the trailer show clips from the dazzling ceremony at Raffles The Palm.

But there’s also shots of the ladies navigating their businesses, with Chanel Ayan on location for a modelling gig, Caroline Brooks discussing the upcoming opening of her City Walk salon and Lesa Milan putting on her first fashion show.

Talking about the show, executive producer Andy Cohen told Entertainment Tonight that he thinks people will be ‘very surprised’ by what they see of Dubai in the show. “I think it’s gonna blow a lot of stereotypes out of the water,” Cohen shared. “You’re gonna see a lot of things that you didn’t expect to see in Dubai.”

“There’s a lot of expats [in Dubai] and the lifestyle is bigger there, the glamour is intense and it’s just a totally different playground for them,” he added. “I mean, it’s somewhere we’ve never seen before.”