Show-stopping visuals tell the story of artistic greats at Seven Paintings…

Are you a fan of unique dining concepts like Le Petit Chef and Sublimotion? There’s a new interactive dining experience to check out at Shangri-La Dubai that you’re sure to love.

Called Seven Paintings, the immersive, multi-sensory dining experience takes place every Friday night, and allows guests to discover stories behind some of the world’s greatest painters and their works. All the action happens on a table of high-tech LED visuals, 3D graphics and a little bit of illusion, with each course brought to life before your very eyes.

You’ll dine your way through seven courses, all part of a two-hour storytelling experience masterminded by acclaimed food artist Omar Sartawi and Shangri-La Dubai’s executive chef Daniel Sheperd. With seating for just 20, guests are each seated infront of a blank canvas to begin with, although the table quickly comes to life with show-stopping visuals that take you on a discovery with some of the finest artists in history.

Setting the scene, the Mona Lisa and her creator Leonardi Da Vinci kick off with some banterous bickering. then soon enough a mini chef Omar is flying around the world to the Vatican City, where we’re marvelling at Michael Angelo’s design of the Sistine Chapel roof then tucking into a neet wild mushroom tartlet. With each course comes the opportunity to not only watch – but participate in – a different artists work. Spray paint your own Banksy before tucking into a beef tartare; eat a citrusy ceviche with an edible Picasso, then tuck into a tender piece of beef served inside an edible soup can, an ode to Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans.

For the final course, with creative juices flowing, comes the opportunity to paint your own version of Van Gough’s Starry Night onto a block of chocolate, which you’ll get to take home as a momento of your night as an artiste.

A world of art awaits on your plate…

Seven Paintings, Shangri-La Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, 8pm to 10pm, Fridays, Dhs450. Tel: (0)4 405 2703,