There’s still time this summer to hop on a plane…

For the go-getters and the spontaneous, pack your bags and hop on one of these flights to foreign countries this August. Even if it’s at an odd hour, you can always sleep at the airport.



This landlocked country in central Europe is a popular tourist hub, primarily for its capital city, Budapest. Its cityscape is studded with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill and grand neoclassical buildings to the 19th-century Chain Bridge. Flights start from Dhs752.


romaniaRomania is the twelfth-largest country in popularity. Home to several churches, monasteries, nature hubs and more, it’s a must-visit. The country boasts natural beauty, amicable residents, and affordability. Tickets start from Dhs799.



Something in Armenian air is brilliant for your standard of living. The high oxygen levels leave you feeling peppy and energetic, while the food is extremely fresh and locally sourced. It’s also a hotbed of history and very safe. Start planning from Dhs1,076.



There are countless reasons to visit Turkey – breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, intricate architecture, lovely people, and the best shopping in all of Europe. With prices from Dhs1,164, you are sure to have an amazing experience in this beloved tourist destination.



This is one of the hidden gems on our list. The republic is unique with its natural pearls, crystal clear lakes and majestic mountains. One for the environment lovers, trips start from Dhs1,470. Explore miles of flora and fauna in this lesser-known Asian hub.



Going to Georgia almost feels like a rite of passage as a UAE resident. A four-hour flight from here, the country is rich in gastronomic delights. Indulge in an assortment of wines, cheesy breads (khachapuri) and traditional dumplings (khinkhali). The weather is incredible too, and you are sure to come back wanting more. Expeditions start at Dhs1,507.



Home to the ‘big five’ – elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo – Kenya is a popular wildlife destination. It’s got parks, reserves, sanctuaries and vast landscapes as far as the eye can see. Visit Masai Mara, try the local cuisine and shop for traditional and inexpensive jewellery. Your ultimate biome experience can start as low as Dhs1,620.



Bulgaria is a must-visit for its mountains, culture and history as well as the hospitality, food and drink. Aside from the above, Bulgaria also offers great nightlife, entertainment and a pristine coastline with beautiful sandy beaches and clear seas. Rates start from Dhs1,625.



The house of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town and magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania should be high up on your travel bucket list. It’s also HQ to Zanzibar, which isn’t just a Billy Joel song, but an island that has the most stunning beaches and seaside views. Tanzanian voyages start at Dhs1,834 and are sure to be worth every penny.

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August is summer in Switzerland so expect the weather to be like a typical Dubai winter. Highs are at 23 degrees while lows hit 12 degrees. Switzerland has got great mountains, beautiful lakes, pretty villages and the most delectable chocolate. Expenses start at Dhs1,891.

Happy travelling!

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Note: All prices are from for round trips as of August 2, 2022.

Images: Unsplash