Dubai Opera’s rooftop restaurant has been transformed…

First, it was Sean Connolly, later The Loft, and now Dubai Opera has offered its prime rooftop spot to Belcanto.

With Tuscan chef Giacomo Lombardi at the helm, guests can expect an experimental menu of fine Italian cuisine, while the space has been designed with quintessential Italian styling in mind.

Belcanto restaurant

We arrive via a glass elevator and are taken from the brightly lit performing arts centre to the exquisite interiors of Belcanto. The dim, moody lighting provides diners with a theatrical backdrop, and the huge sparkling crystal chandeliers give Phantom of the Opera vibes from above the bar. At the front of the restaurant, a dashing Italian jazz group are performing on stage, but this isn’t the night’s only entertainment. In between musical sets, diners become immersed in a digital art show.

Belcanto salad

As we take a look at the menu, the friendly and knowledgeable staff recommend that we start with the Giardino fiorito (Dhs72) – a salad inspired by the Giardino Italiano, a painting by Gustav Klimt. We’re impressed by the burst of colour on the plate, along with vivid flavours to match. The vinaigrette, a preparation of nine different sauces, couldn’t have been fresher, and we love the variety of textures. Next up, we share a burrata (Dhs140) which comes nestled on a crunchy croissant with heirloom tomato jam for yet another flavour-packed dish.

The pear and gorgonzola cheese pizza (Dhs115) also came highly recommended. Fans of strong cheese will love this dish, but we found it a tad too overpowering despite the pear’s best attempt to add balance.

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Belcanto gnocchi

For mains, we opt for potato gnocchi (Dhs145). The pillow-like dumplings are soft, and we loved the white sauce and generous shavings of black truffle. In the mood for seafood, we pick the Ricciola (Dhs265) – an amberjack covered in a vibrant green parsley sauce. The fish was flaky and light – just what we needed after a heavy cheese dish.

Finally, we order a primavera strawberry (Dhs85). The sweet treat looks like a giant strawberry (guaranteed to stand out on your Instagram). The light, refreshing yoghurt mousse and fresh strawberry compote is encased with a red chocolate shell that you get to crack open. We couldn’t resist also ordering the black forest eclair (Dhs85). It’s shaped like a regular eclair but with a cake-like texture and layered with chocolate cream, cherry gel and mascarpone Chantilly. A perfect choice for chocolate fans.

If you’re looking for a new date night spot with a side of theatrics, this gorgeous restaurant is sure to impress.

Belcanto, Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai 6pm to 12.30am Mon to Thurs, 6pm to 1.30am Fri to Sun. Tel: (0)4 456 0936,

Images: Supplied and What’s On