The summer holidays are over…

School is back in session and most students returned back to school yesterday. They all probably had a lot on their minds, and the last thing they probably were expecting was a message from the UAE President HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nayhan. But this is exactly what was waiting for them.

Sheikh Mohamed delivered an inspiring message which was broadcasted across classrooms in the UAE this morning. In his speech, he welcomed both students and teachers to the start of a successful academic year. He urged students to dream big and to continue learning and thanked the teachers for their hard work and dedication in the education sector.

He added that education is not limited to the classrooms, but requires the participation of families and the whole society to help. He ended the messages by expressing his pride and dreams for these young minds.

Here’s the full speech that was shared by Emirates News Agency (WAM):

My children. Welcome back to the start of the new school year, and to all educators, teachers and workers in the education sector in the UAE. May it be a great start to a successful academic year. 

My children, dreams and ambitions are an important part of life. Your schools will help you nurture your dreams; they are the place where you can imagine what your future will look like. I urge you to dream big and to never stop learning.

I urge you to excel, be determined, set goals, realise your ambitions, and never stop trying. Invest your time in things that would benefit you, your families and your communities.

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To my brothers and sisters, the teachers and educators, I thank you for all your efforts; for being unwavering in your commitment to delivering this noble message every day. You are invaluable to us and to our entire nation.

When we talk about education, we don’t only mean your time in school. Education is a great pursuit that can only be accomplished with the efforts of families and parents, alongside our society and our countries’ institutions, to help us achieve our goals and ambitions.

We are proud of you all. Proud of what you will become and what you will accomplish.

May God bless you all.’

-UAE President HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nayhan