It’s like clubbing, but you’re in bed for 9pm… 

Still like to party but not up for a late night? A Dubai Facebook group aimed at the music and clubbing scene called Ravers in Dubai, have launched a microclubbing concept called Together Again. If you aren’t familiar with the term, just know that there’s a place you can go to have a drink and a boogie, while still getting your nine hours of sleep. Bliss.

This Saturday, Together Again are taking over the Attic at Home by Mcgettigan’s, for an (early) night of glitter house and disco. Starting from 5pm, old school ravers can expect a free glitter makeover from the team at Glitterbox, tunes like Byron Stingly – Get Up (Everybody) (Mousse T Mix), Storm Queen – Look Right Through and Sylvester – You Make Me Real, as well as three hours of unlimited drinks.

Why did no one think of this before?

It’s not even 6pm, but the club is almost full. DJs are performing sets of classic house, techno, and disco. The crowd are relaxed; some wearing trainers, some wearing t-shirts, some just left work. But they all share one thing in common: they love a dance.

They say nothing good happens after 2am. Although it feels as though it should be 2am, it’s only 7pm. At this rate, we’ll be in bed by 9pm. That’s exactly where the concept of microclubbing comes from. Perfect for parents who will be woken up 6am no matter what, or for those who work weekends, no one misses out on the fun and dance.

We also think this is a great option for a post-brunch party, if you are not quite ready enough to go home yet you can get a full night-out experience crammed into the hours before midnight, with all the music and headliners you would normally have to stay out for. Plus, being in bed for 9pm would mean you don’t feel as rubbish the next day.

Together Again, The Attic at Home by Mcgettigan’s, City Walk – The Square, Dubai. Saturday, 10 September 5pm to 9pm. Dhs50 entry and welcome drink, Dhs249 entry and unlimited house drinks. /

Image: Unsplash